Maybe the first settlement to be seen, as one comes out from the tunnel through Velebit, by a new modern Croatian highway, and catch a first sight onto sea after a ride through inland landscapes of Lika, is Rovanjska. It is placed on the mere end of Velebit’s canal, hugged by the almighty mountain Velebit from the back and crystal clean bluish sea. Thus from the ancient history the inhabitants of Rovanjska learned to exploit natural resources from the mountain pastures and meadows and from the sea as well. It is best seen in the gastronomy skills of the chefs in the area. The date of inhabiting Rovanjska is not known, but there is a church of St. Juraj from the 9. century when Croatian clans came down to the Adriatic cost.

Today Rovanjska has change it’s appearance in many ways; it is now more like an vacation settlement with a great number of new modern vacation houses. Many of them are for rent, so, there is no problem to find an apartment or room fulfilling all your needs. Fully equipped, often just by the sea and easily accessible due to Croatian highway, apartments in private accommodation are wanted as much as this whole area is one of the top destinations for to cavers, hikers, alpinists, botanists and lovers of water sports.

One don’t have to look far if interested in caves; there is one in Rovanjska and it is the biggest known cave on shoreline of Croatia. It is a cave Modrič, 829 meters long with beautiful calcium formations and the temperature 14-17C. The appropriate refreshing after a worm day on Rovanjska’s beautiful beaches or hot night!

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